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Table Reading, Vancouver BC, Feb 2023

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Special thanks to our cast and crew that came out for the first professional table read of Olivia O, The Musical. Thank you for sharing your passion for musical theatre and dedication to seeing new works come to life!

Act 1

It is 2017 in El Paso, Texas. Fourteen year old Olivia Ortiz is ripped from her mother’s arms and left in an immigration detention center.

Isabel Castillo, her newly-discovered aunt, is desperate to find her.


Act 2

Olivia faces an immigration raid and struggles to find her way through the streets of El Paso. Isabel builds a radical new network of support and activism, as her attraction to her activist colleague grows.

Will they find each other or will the immigration deportation machine step in once again?

Feedback Session

Feedback session from our actor's and guests. Great ideas and a lively discussion.

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