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Playing the Piano

"The powerful and emotional story is matched by Gil Yaron's incredible music."


Enjoy sample selections of the musical pieces in development for this exciting show. Arranged and composed by Gil Yaron, the songs are written for the modern musical theatre. 

Funny, heartbreaking and showstopping, these songs are a creative mix of genres exquisitely arranged for this groundbreaking show. 



Monsters v7bOlivia O, The Musical
00:00 / 04:14

Olivia has just been forcibly separated from her mother and is in the detention center.  Confused and not fully understanding what’s happened, she meets Gloria, a ‘street-smart’  older girl who is also detained. Gloria warns Olivia about the dangers (monsters) she faces ahead and enlists the other detained girls to join in by telling their stories about what it’s like to be caught in ‘the place between’. 


Mama, I'm Sorry

Olivia has been been released into a foster home run by former televangelists Bill and Nancy Collins.  Olivia has been fighting to hold on to the hope that she will be reunited with her mother and meet Isabel. She sings this heartbreaking song after her foster father Bill has dashed all her hopes by telling her she’s been abandoned and making her call her foster mother Nancy  ‘mom’.

Mama I'm Sorry v12Olivia O, The Musical
00:00 / 03:22


Women are Talking

Women are talking v3 exerptOlivia O, The Musical
00:00 / 03:59

Olivia's aunt Isabel has joined a local immigrant rights group who are facing an uphill battle to find and reunite separated families. In this song, we see some good news as the community of support seems to be growing, awareness is building, the story of Olivia is getting attention, and Isabel is stepping up as a leader. 

Mama I'm Sorry



Manos A La Obra

Manos a la obra v3Olivia O, The Musical
00:00 / 05:03

Isabel sees the frustration and sadness that has come over the local immigrant justice group and encourages them to transform their pain into action. The group shares their stories and decide to come together and fight for their families. 

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