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Diane Currie Sam

Librettist, Lyricist

Diane Currie Sam is an award-winning essayist/writer, educator, and speechwriter.  An emerging playwright and lyricist with a multi-decade career in communications, counseling and educating, she is known for her passion for understanding, deep listening skills and creative writing work. 

A natural storyteller, she has written about, taught and developed programs covering critically important social issues like mental health, sustainability, and the prevention of domestic violence. Her counselling and group work has focused on the power of storytelling for healing and change, and she has led healing-focused storytelling retreats in Canada and Mexico. 

Her written work has been published in leading international publications including Inc. Magazine, National Post, National Observer, Disney Channel, and Up! Magazine.

She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (BSc) and Trinity Western University (MA, Counselling Psychology), and lives with her husband and two sons in Coquitlam, BC. 


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